Re-finding passion for teaching – building positive education in Citra Kasih School, Indonesia

We have had a great opportunity to build co-operation with Sitra Kasih School in Indonesia. It has been an unforgettable trip to getting to know new, wonderful people and school culture, building new practices, sharing ideas, hopes, experiences and dreams, learning from each other. Our warm thanks to the whole school community for their exceptional perseverance, creativity and warmth of heart in implementing positive education in their school communities. Special thanks to Natalia Lasmono for writing this blog post and thus providing us with a beautiful window to their work and life with positive education.



By Natalia

It started in December 2019, when I got a great opportunity to visit Tonkla School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Me and my colleague, Susi, and the School Manager, Mr. Boedi, were invited as observers when Ms. Kaisa Vourinen and her Positive Team gave the teachers’ training and showed us why Positive Method in education is really a big matter and a life changing experience.

Even it was a short moment for us, but it really made my life as a teacher have changed and I started to have more passion and positive vibes into my teaching style. It is not an easy job for me as a teacher, it feels like I have this big burden in my shoulder that I am not doing my job well, or how can I change this student, or even have I done the right thing all this time?

Well, I believe that all teachers are great, especially when dealing with young age students. It is the golden time to sharpen their character, to introduce them that with certain skills and potential that they have within themselves, they can survive and they can be successful in the future. It is our part too, as teachers, that need to show them that they are worthy, they are unique, they are excellent in their own ways, they have potential, and schools can be the happiest place for them to learn and explore. 

Finland, as the country who has the best education system in the world, had made us think, how lucky the students there were and how great it would be if we could learn a bit atmosphere and teaching style from them. So our Board Member has decided to cooperate with Positive to make a breakthrough in Citra Kasih School, Indonesia.

How lucky am I and all my colleagues here in Indonesia, we got a teachers’ training from the amazing mentors/teachers from Positive Team, Ms. Elina, Mr. Pasi, Ms. Lotta and Ms. Kaisa herself.

Although it was not easy especially for me, but it has been a chance for me to be passionate again in teaching, to know my own strengths and weaknesses, to improve myself and change my perspective instead of seeing paperwork for teachers or teaching routine as flat as A4 paper but it is a blessing from God that I can be in a job where I could have change one person’s life.

Every teacher in our school took the VIA test to know our own top Strength skills and share our experiences when we use those strengths to inspire others. We also challenged ourselves to write our “great success” each day in a “leaf” so the Tree of Our Success Stories will be dense and fruitful.

And now come the times for us teachers to deliver these skills to our students. It was not easy at all, especially during this difficult time that all of us must stay at home and do online class. I am struggling, the students are too. 

A lot of things did not come up the way I planned. But the show must go on and again I am so lucky and blessed that I am surrounded by positive people and we want to grow together as a person and as a team.

We tried our best as a teacher to deliver and to introduce these strength skills to our students. I know that this can’t be done if I only rely on myself, this must go hand-in hand, with colleagues, our school leaders and parents too. Again, great teamwork does make a dream work. This is not the end, this is just the beginning. This journey is still long and not easy. I have my ups and downs too. But I surely believe that now is the right time to start if we want to make a difference. Do not let the students have a bad image or low self acceptance of themselves. Let us fill their mind and their heart with positivity, make them only speak about their strengths and help them to develop and sharpen their potential. We as teachers too, do not stop to learn and grow. 

Happy Kids Learn Best and Happy Teachers Do Best.

Natalia Lasmono

SCK Primary Teacher

Jakarta, Indonesia.




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