Positive Summer Camp

17 — 28 August, Helsinki, Finland

Making summer plans?

Join us on Positive’s International Summer Camp!

Welcome to spend summer days in beautiful Helsinki!

What makes Finland one of the top in academic success in the world and how can we promote both well-being and learning simultaneously in schools? Positive’s international summer camps provide you with most recent knowledge on Finnish education and positive pedagogy, welcome along!

The dates and time are 17 — 21 August at 9-16 and the location is at Maria01, in the center of Helsinki.

For registrations and further details please send e-mail to training@positive.fi


Day 1:

  • Characteristics of Finnish education: what can we learn from it?
  • Fundamentals of  positive pedagogy and psychology

Day 2:

  • Well-being and learning go hand in hand: happy children learn best! Skills of heart promote skills of head.
  • Parents are a positive resource to the school. Involve them with care.

Day 3:

  • Where did it all start? The Finnish model for character education and the teaching of 21st century skills
  • Perspective of  special education: SEN – students & Finnish pedagogical skills to support individual students in learning
  • Practical activities to root positive pedagogy in your teaching

Day 4:

  • The Hand Model: How to give timely strength-based feedback and promote positive learning atmosphere
  • Why and how to make a Positive CV with students: documenting strengths and abilities
    Learning to use the digital Positive service

Day 5:

  • Positive education on the whole school level. 12 steps for an impactful change in your school to engage the whole school community
  • Implementing positive education locally – experiences from international co-creation

Price & Details

The price of the summer camp is 600€ (+ VAT) and it includes lunch for each day and coffees in the morning and afternoon.

We offer common free time program for one night for all our international participants (additional fee). Also Finnish participants who prefer to have the training in an international atmosphere are welcome!

When you sign up for the course, please tell about your previous experiences or trainings on positive education so that we can plan a course that suits your interests the best!

The training takes place in the center of Helsinki, at a walking distance from Kamppi.
Address: Maria01, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki.

For registrations and further details please send e-mail to training@positive.fi

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