See the Good! Online

The digital See the Good! service offers study materials for teaching character strengths and a tool for seeing the good.

Giving positive feedback is easy and inspiring with our See the Good! tool. Get started with your group now and experience the positive results.

  • The See the Good! tool helps groups to keep important goals visible and to get inspired to exercise their strengths.
  • The See the Good! tool divides big goals (such as perseverance) into small, concrete acts (“you worked hard”).
  • Give feedback on wanted behaviour verbally or by showing a thumbs-up. Boost the feedback by pressing a strength sticker or ask the children to help you. Make this a daily routine.

Clarify your greatest moments with pictures and stories.

  • The See the Good! tool makes giving feedback more profound because with it, you can record your greatest moments and stories of success together.
  • Tip! Involve the pupils in seeing the good in the group and give them space to bring out their own observations. The pupils can act as strength spotters and record the whole group’s greatest moments for a specific time period.

Would you like to see how your group has progressed in exercising perseverance or friendship skills?

  • The See the Good! tool is a handy way to record your character strength exercises, and the data saved visualizes both individual and group progress during a specific time period.

Utilize the newest information on the well-being of children and youths and research-based methods for positive education

Our solution lets you easily get started with our self-study materials on positive education regardless of place or time.

Our intro course is based on years of research and the best pedagogic solutions proven in practical teaching work. 

Teach character strengths!

  • Our much-anticipated digital learning materials on character strengths are now available through our digital service.
  • You’ll receive access to high-quality pedagogical content which you can use in teaching any subject, or you can teach individual skills at any time.
  • You can find more information and tips in the teacher’s manual which includes a lot of advanced information.
  • Your learning journey can culminate in filling out a Positive CV, which makes every pupil’s strengths visible.

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