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Learn, teach, and make your pupils’ strengths visible

See the Good!

How to guide children and adolescents to find their strengths

None of us were born masters of honesty or self-control; these skills must be consciously developed. We grow stronger in what we do most often; we grow weaker in what we rarely do. For instance, self-regulation is proven to be a better predictor of success in school than IQ. Teaching that concentrates on character strengths has a longer-term effect on learning and is more likely to lead to a fulfilling life than teaching focused only on informational skills. Regardless of the field or the time, we all succeed through our strengths.

This book gives you the tools for implementing strength-based teaching. The book introduces the most important character strengths and tells you where to observe them and how to further develop them with exercises.

3rd edition, 2019
ISBN 978-952-69270-6-0
232 pages

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See the Good!

The Character Crow’s Guide to Strength Spotting
(in Finnish)

This book provides a concise introduction to strength pedagogy and presents an abundance of activity ideas for exercising character strengths. The exercises are especially suitable for pre-school and elementary school pupils.

One of the most functional methods to increase well-being is to show children their strengths and teach them how to use them. We become strong in what we do a lot!

3rd edition, 2020
ISBN 978-952-451-746-1
178 pages

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See the Good!

The Character Crow’s Story Book (in Finnish)

A friend’s kindness and compassion can help you when you are on a swimming trip and a horsefly bites you and then steals your towel. Judgment and courage come in handy when the marquise is stuck between the count and the duke, and some perspective is needed when your cookie trip ends with you getting lost in the forest… The crow’s wings keep him in the air even when things don’t go as planned.

This book includes 26 stories, each focusing on at least one character strength or emotion. At the end of each story, there are exercises for deepening the reading experience by discussing the story with children and for developing their strength and emotional skills. The stories also include exercises for language development and for artistic and practical subjects, which makes the stories a great introduction to many kinds of pleasant activities.

The stories are excellent for elementary education but also for slightly younger and older children. They can be read in schools, kindergartens and daycare centres, at home, at your grandmother’s or friend’s house, or anywhere the crow flies.

Published 21 Jan 2021
1st edition, 2021
ISBN 978-952-370-074-1
100 pages

See the Good!

Activity Cards

The Character Crow guides children and adolescents in discovering their own character strengths! The See the Good! Activity Cards describe the 26 character strengths in a nutshell and explain how you can learn to recognise them and further develop them in yourself. With these practical cards and the See the Good! book, you can help children and adolescents find their own character strengths.

4th edition, 2019
ISBN 978-952-69270-0-8
30 cards

See the Good!

Student Cards

The See the Good! Student Cards have been designed to support positive education in kindergartens, schools and the home. They are suitable for learners of all ages and levels and can be used in connection with different school subjects or independently.

Strength Cards (26 cards)

Concise information on the 26 character strengths and ideas for practicing the traits.

Emotion Cards (7 cards)

Information on our most common emotions and questions to help you reflect on your emotional skills.

Action Cards (10 cards)

Cards illustrating the best working practices in different environments.

Assessment Cards (5 cards)

The Character Crow’s star cards created to support the practicing of self, peer and group assessment.

ISBN 978-952-6927-0-22

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