See the Good! even in challenging behaviour

What is it about?

Everyone wants to succeed, and no child is difficult on purpose. Problems with a child’s self-regulation, unwanted behaviour, and the testing of limits can be burdening at school, kindergarten, and home.

This training package offers a new approach towards a child’s challenging behaviour and diverse adjustment difficulties in pre-primary education and at school.

The training introduces a number of methods of positive education for preventing challenging behaviour and offers a new, research-based method of examining a child’s challenging behaviour. The training is based on the trainers’ own work as special education teachers and researchers of special education pedagogy.


The objective of this training is to help educators and teachers to understand the most common challenges in emotion regulation and behaviour as well as the related learning difficulties. The participants will learn to recognise the good and also prepare for the best. A core component of the training is supporting the educators’ and teachers’ own well-being.

We cannot afford to lose any child, nor any teacher!

This training answers the following questions:

    • What causes a child’s challenging behaviour?
    • How to prevent challenging behaviour?
    • How to bring out many kinds of skills, to promote everyone’s skills and to record the skills into a document supporting the pupil’s growth?
    • How to get away from the negative circle and into the positive?
    • How can a child’s growth environment support well-being and successes?
    • How does stress affect children’s behaviour and learning?
    • What is the significance of interactive relationships for well-being?
    • What is resilience, and how can you develop resilience skills?
    • What are strength-based support measures?

Training contents:

1. lesson

    • What are behavioural challenges?
    • What are the factors behind behavioural symptoms?
    • Why are certain behaviours considered challenging?
    • What is a negative circle?
    • Children will do the right thing if they only know how. What does this mean?

2. lesson

    • Why is challenging behaviour becoming more prevalent right now?
    • Are you already a stress detective?
    • What is self-regulation, and how can you practise self-regulation skills every day?
    • Five steps for tackling stress.
    • Help the child to succeed and lift them onto the positive circle.

3. lesson 

    • Taking a positive approach, or putting on your See the Good! glasses.
    • Educator, how are you?
    • How are you sharing things and helping each other in your work community?
    • Practical tips for planning strength-based support measures.
    • Find the best methods for strengthening desired behaviour.

Who this training is for:

Everyone interested in positive pedagogy, teachers and other professional educators, coaches, and parents and guardians.



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