Positive education

What is it about?

    • Positive education researches the factors that promote children’s and adolescents’ well-being, happiness, quality of life, and learning.
    • The purpose of positive education is to actively observe each child’s potential and possibilities despite challenges.
    • The foundation of positive teaching is building on strengths and consciously supporting the students’ well-being.
    • Teaching character strengths is an essential part of positive teaching.
    • This 3 x 2h basic-level training package includes the best practices and research information that we have gathered when training over 10,000 teachers on several different continents since 2014.

In addition to the lessons, the training includes the online service of positive pedagogy, including lesson plans for teaching the 26 character strengths, over a hundred ready-made exercises for positive pedagogy, teacher’s manuals, and a tool for seeing the good and recording successes.


The objective of this training is to learn to use the research information on positive pedagogy and education in your own work as a teacher and educator. After this training, the participants will have an extensive understanding of the value base of positive education and of how to support children’s and adolescents’ well-being, teach character strengths, and focus on seeing the strengths.

Training contents:

Preliminary exercise

1. lesson

Introduction to the theory of positive education

    • You will receive basic information on positive psychology.
    • You will learn the basic pillars of positive education.
    • You will learn about the strength of positive emotions and other socio-emotional skills.
    • You will receive instructions for seeing what is good and what works.

2. lesson

Spotting strengths

    • You will learn what character strengths mean.
    • You will learn to teach and assess character strengths.
    • You will understand how to recognise children’s and adolescents’ strengths.
    • You will learn to recognise your own strengths and those of your colleagues.
    • You will receive information on the significance of positive feedback to learning and good growth.

3. lesson

Putting everything into practice

    • You will find the best tips and research-based methods for implementing positive education in practice.
    • You will receive concrete tools for seeing and remembering the good, also within yourself.
    • You will learn to use the digital See the Good! service.
    • You will learn to document successes with the See the Good! service, to get back to them, and to involve the parents when examining the good moments.
    • You will receive information on the Positive CV and on using it for documenting life skills.

Who this training is for:

Everyone interested in positive pedagogy, teachers and other professional educators, coaches, and parents and guardians.



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