Finding the positive – See the Good! in your child

What is it about?

Dear parent or guardian, you are invited to spot children’s and adolescents’ strengths! In this training, we help adults to focus on children’s strengths, the skills through which we can succeed, cope in difficult times, and achieve our goals. It’s important for us all that each child grows into a sound personality who is in touch with their own skills and can use them wisely for both their own good and the common good. This is a shared task for all adults!


This single online lesson aims to support parents and guardians in finding the positive in ordinary everyday situations. The training provides tools for functional interaction between an adult and a child and for a compassionate parenting culture. You will learn to give positive feedback more easily and to focus on functionality.

This training also answers the following questions

    • How can you agree on the family’s shared rules?
    • What different strengths are there?
    • How can you learn to verbally point out the strengths and give feedback?
    • How can you learn to see family members through their strengths?
    • How can you increase your whole family’s resilience and resources?

We are experienced lecturers in PTA meetings. We would be happy to tailor a lecture for your specific needs.



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