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Social and emotional skills are key human capabilities that allow individuals to manage their feelings, work with others, and achieve their goals. They are crucial for the wellbeing and success of every child and adult, and for the future of our societies and economies.

In addition, social and emotional skills are factors most predictive of success in a wide range of important life outcomes. They are prerequisites for efficient academic learning written in curricula all over the world.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is one of the hottest topics in global education today. SEL is required in the OECD (2017) and other international curriculum reforms.

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The Job

Everywhere in the world schools are required to teach and assess social and emotional skills.

Teachers are actively looking for solutions to teach the skills.

The Pains

There are no integrated, scalable, science-based, easy-to-use tools, materials and processes that support and guide teachers to teach and assess social and emotional skills.

Students’ low wellbeing is a key factor in students’ low academic results.

The Positive Method

Our Positive Method enables teachers to learn, teach and assess social and emotional skills. The Positive Method consists of practice built positive pedagogy, intuitive software and engaging teaching tools.

Positive Method principles have been used by thousands of educators. The relationship between the Positive Method usage and student wellbeing has been rigorously studied (Vuorinen et al., 2018; 2019). The results show improved school-engagement and happiness.

Our Envisioned Solution


Positive Method

Learn the highly popular Positive Method already used by teachers in hundreds of schools.

Digital Coach

Learn the Positive Method with a bitesize form integrated in the busy daily school life.

Certification Program

Get certified as a Positive Teacher with the opportunity to build up a strong local community.



Choose from a wide range of resources and activities.

Lesson plans

Follow guided and personalized lesson plans easy to ingrate in the existing curriculum.

Group activities

Engage students in the learning process with group activities using digital and physical materials applicable in many study subjects.


Get hundreds of activities developed and shared by Positive teachers globally. You’ll find a variety of exercises organized by grade level, subject or keyword.


Progress Tool

Set group and individual goals, evaluate the progress and share it with parents.

See the Good Tool

Provide personalized positive feedback to students.

Positive CV

Visualize the evolution of student strengths and give a Positive CV to every student to complement the academic school year report.

Impact Measurement

Document the outcomes of using Positive Method and get an up-to-date visualization of student progress in order to track and analyze key information on wellbeing.


Make progress visible and address shortcomings.

Sounds interesting?

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About Us

Our founders Kaisa and Lotta started working on Positive Pedagogy out of frustration with the poor results of focusing only on difficulties on their daily practice as Special Education teachers.

The initial controlled interventions showed promising results. Together with a set of early adopting teachers, they developed a method to learn and teach strengths.

Soon, trained teachers across Finland saw improved well-being and learning in their students.

After many years of traveling in and out of Finland it was clear to them that a digital service was needed to bring the service to all the educators in the world.

Positive was born.

Kaisa Vuorinen - Positive CV

Kaisa Vuorinen

CEO, Founder

Lotta Uusitalo - Positive CV

Lotta Uusitalo

Head of Impact, Founder

Elina Paatsila - Positive CV

Elina Paatsila

Head of Teacher Training, Founder

Tom Eklöf - Positive CV

Tom Eklöf

CTO, Co-Founder

Saija Lehtonen

Chief Happiness Manager

Pasi Kotilainen - Positive CV

Pasi Kotilainen

Pedagogical Lead, Co-Founder

Sergio Palomo - Positive CV

Sergio Palomo

Head of Design, Co-Founder

Timo Koro - Positive CV

Timo Koro

UX Developer, Co-Founder

Chisato Anttilainen - Positive CV

Chisato Anttilainen

Japan Country Manager

Mari Thure-Sivola - Positive CV

Mari Thure-Sivola

Teacher Trainer


Chief Story Teller

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